LOCTITE TW-805 | Weatherstripping


LOCTITE TW-805 is one of a series of Acheson resin-bonded coatings designed to provide
dry film lubrication and release in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. A clear flexible, water-based coating specially designed for substrates such as sponge weather strip seals, LOCTITE TW-805 provide a smooth texture and silky feel that is similar to solvent based silicones, but applied via a waterborne formulation. The “soft” feel characteristics of LOCTITETW-805 gives a sense of luxury and high quality to the consumer as they handle, touch and feel the coated seal. The waterborne coating allows easy substitute of solvent based coatings in order to reduce environmental emissions and enhance worker satisfaction.

In addition to the cosmetic characteristics of LOCTITE TW-805, the coating capably performs as a functional coating for weather strip seals and other elastomeric applications.
The combination of resin-bonded functional additives provides performance for freeze release, anti-squeak and general abrasion resistance required for sponge weather strip seals. LOCTITE TW-805 also prevents binding, seizing, sticking, and tearing of rubber and plastic parts during production and assembly. LOCTITE TW-805’s clean dry and silky film protects substrates from solvents, abrasive substances, dirt, and contaminants for longer wear life and reduced maintenance of the part. LOCTITE TW-805 is an ideal low-friction coating for substrates where operational flexibility is a major consideration.

LOCTITE TW-805 Weatherstrip

LOCTITE TW-805 Weatherstrip
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