LOCTITE TW-610J Weatherstripping


LOCTITE TW-610J is one of Henkel Acheson’s new generation, NMP free weather-strip
coatings. It is a resin bonded coating and it is designed to provide dry film lubrication and
release properties in a variety of industrial and automotive applications.
It is a one-component, water based, resin bonded coating, containing special lubricants. It is designed to be applied to rubber, hot extruded as well as on-moulded parts.

LOCTITE TW-610 has been found to be an effective product in applications requiring
squeak suppression and provides freeze-release characteristics when applied on primary
door seals and is reducing the friction between rubber and glass or painted surfaces.
The product contains an UV-tracer to make it visible under UV light ( for checking
presence of the coating)
The cured coating is mat black in appearance, flexible, shows a good wear resistance and
is not abrasive to painted surfaces.

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